Expensive hobby and loans: 6 reasons for consumer loan

Would you like to devote yourself to a new hobby, but shy away from the costs? A loan can be an interesting option to finance an expensive hobby .

Discover 6 reasons why financing your free time by loan can be useful!

1. Benefit immediately, pay later

An expensive hobby can become more affordable if you benefit from certain advantages. Would you like to use an attractive discount to buy quality equipment? Do not you want to wait several months before you can start your new hobby? Should Your Investment Make Your Family Happy? Thanks to a loan for leisure you get cash, with which you can also finance an expensive hobby and immediately benefit from it in your free time!

2. Expensive hobby and expensive material

Often it is not the hobby itself, which is expensive, but the cost of the material (sailing ship, golf clubs, etc.) are the reason why many interested parties withhold. Or they buy cheap budget equipment and Okasionsmodelle, where the quality often suffers. Such goods often have to be replaced after a few months or years, which causes great costs. If you are sure that you want to start an expensive hobby, you should invest more initially. By getting a loan, you can get the funds you need to get first-rate gear while benefiting from lower repair costs, fewer mishaps and maximum fun!

3. Flexibly repay thanks to early amortization

A loan agreement is concluded for a fixed duration (normally between 12 to 72 or 84 months). A borrower who, for example, takes out a loan for 36 months, must repay his loan at the latest after 3 years. However, it is quite possible to repay your loan early by paying a higher installment each month than intended or by paying several installments at once. This will not only make you faster debt free, but even save on the interest: overpaid interest will be paid back to you ! This makes the loan more affordable and an expensive hobby less expensive.

4. The costs remain low, especially in the short term

Financing an expensive hobby with credit is cheaper than most people think. The cost of the loan depends on the loaned amount, the interest rate but also on the amortization period. If you close the loan for your expensive hobby in the short term, the interest rates remain very low. For example, a loan of 10’000 CHF to 12 months costs only 366 CHF in interest (interest rate of 6.9%)! In total, 10’366 CHF must be repaid.

5. Insurance in case of unemployment or loss of earnings

Sometimes consumers are deterred from borrowing because they fear being unable to pay for unemployment, illness or accident. When unemployed, a person receives only 70% (or 80% if children are to be cared for) of their previous salary. Therefore, you can take out an installment insurance that will continue to pay your installments in case of unemployment etc.! This will secure the payment of your loan installments for your expensive hobby.

6. Small over-indebtedness risk, even for expensive hobby

Consumer credit is often associated with the negative stereotype of the over-indebted borrower. In reality, the market for personal loans is heavily rebuffed. For example, lending for such loans is prohibited if it can lead to the over-indebtedness of the borrower (Article 3 UWG). Banks scrutinize each customer dossier very closely to prevent the over-indebtedness of their borrowers. In most cases, the borrowers are people like you who, for example, start an expensive hobby and want to gradually repay the borrowed money.

Who to turn to?

When making a loan request for a consumer loan, you do not need to specify the purpose of the loan. For example, if you want to raise money for an expensive hobby, a professional loan broker discreetly barks. Benefit from loans from CHF 3,000 to 12 to 84 months and make your free time without financial restrictions!