Fertilization Credit – How can you solve the problem?

Problems with natural conception can be solved, but in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) costs money. With the loan for artificial insemination, you secure the financing and fulfill the life dream of your own child.

We want you to finance at low interest rates, as needed, without embarrassing counter discussions and within your means. Below we present credit options and compare the special credit for IVF or ICSI with fast direct bank credit.

Fertilization loan – budget

Fertilization loan - budget

After the third attempt at the latest, a minimum credit of at least 2000 USD for IVF or ICSI artificial insemination would be inevitable. The federal states do not regulate uniformly when an artificial insemination must be paid entirely out of one’s own pocket. A regulation of 100 percent assumption of costs for the first three attempts by the health insurance would be possible. In other parts of the country, the health insurance only covers 25 percent of the costs.

The basic prerequisite for the health insurance fund to pay at all is marriage. Both must be at least 25 years old. For the grant, the woman must not be over the age of 40, and he must not have reached the age of 50. The indication that successful fertilization is naturally impossible is for one or both sides.

Many couples first look for their artificial insemination credit among relatives. Unfortunately, the willingness to support the desire to have children often wanes after the first unsuccessful attempt. Without talking to a clerk at the house bank about the problem of conception, all that remains is the online credit from a direct bank or a special offer.

Credit comparison – special loan artificial insemination versus direct bank

Credit comparison - special loan artificial insemination versus direct bank

For example, medipay offers special credit for medical purposes. Doctors often suggest such special funding. As with a direct bank loan, a prerequisite for lending is sufficient personal creditworthiness for lending. For couples who have already had several unsuccessful attempts, the first hurdle lurks at this point. Initially unaffected, we compare 2,500 USD in credit for artificial insemination.

Unfortunately, installment credit does not offer flexibility for subsequent financing in the event of setbacks. The installment calculator on the specialist provider’s side shows a loan of 2500 USD, with a 12-month term, at 2.90 percent APR. The loan calculator shows a monthly rate of 213 USD. The financing costs a total of 56 USD.

In the free credit comparison of direct bank loans, the financing of 2500 USD for free use costs only 1.79 percent APR. The comparison calculator calculates 210.34 USD as monthly installments. Overall, the loan with a 12-month term only costs 24.11 USD in financing costs. – In other words, less than half the interest.

Plan flexible credit setbacks without paying interest right away

Plan flexible credit setbacks without paying interest right away

It is not easy to plan the loan requirements for artificial insemination seriously. No couple can be sure in advance which attempt will actually fulfill their desire to have children. A wise decision would therefore be to secure funding for three attempts, for example, without already paying for undrawn money. A framework loan could be the perfect solution as a loan for artificial insemination.

A credit line can be applied for freely online, which would prevent personal contact with the clerk. Money within the approved credit line would be available within a few hours if needed. The borrower only pays interest for withdrawn funds. Instead of a monthly deduction, it is sufficient to pay the interest on the monies drawn.

The interest rate level for the framework loan is just above the interest rate for installment loans to the same extent, but significantly below the overdraft rate. If successful, rescheduling on a cheap installment loan would be possible at any time. Framework credit may be repaid at any time, in full or in part, if the interest is precisely billed. The disadvantage of all loans for artificial insemination mentioned so far is that a good credit rating would always be a prerequisite for lending.

Fertilization loans – restricted credit rating

Fertilization loans - restricted credit rating

Implementing the desire to have children through IVF, ICSI or comparable expensive measures has a long-term negative impact on personal creditworthiness. Especially when couples “shuffle” from credit to credit to pay for the next attempt, regular credit providers quickly react negatively. Nevertheless, the credit for artificial insemination, even with a negative credit rating, does not have to remain a dream.

Serious credit from private to private is not valued according to the traditional scheme of credit approval or loan rejection by credit institutions. Lending from person to person remains possible, even if a regular bank loan would no longer be able to be approved without a guarantor. Astro Finance and Cream Bank are recognized as the market leader for the mediation of private loan offers.

The credit process to get credit from private lenders is not complicated. Interested parties publish their loan application on one of the portals and activate the offered certificates free of charge. When formulating the loan application, attention should be paid to recognizable honesty and correct spelling. In this way, prospective creditors make it easier for investors to find the trust to bid.

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