Loans for families

Microcredit , dedicated to families who are currently in difficulty as a result of the economic crisis.


The agreement provides for the provision of a loan, to all those families who have at least three children or who are burdened by illness or disability and who have lost their only source of income, aimed at projects for reintegration into the world work or start up new business activities.


The loans will have a maximum amount of six thousand euros and a duration of twelve months, renewable within the deadline for a maximum of another six thousand euros and for a further twelve months. Depending on the client’s needs, the loan can be disbursed in monthly tranches of 500 euros or in a single solution. At the end of the twelve month period, the sum disbursed must be repaid in monthly installments within a maximum period of five years.


The loans will be applied a maximum rate equal to the average effective total rate on personal loans, determined each quarter and reduced by 50%, which currently stands at 4.75%.

In order to access the loans , families will have to apply at the office, which will send the application to the bank. The Loan may be issued by all the banks of the Group in Italy.