The different types of existing home loan

As part of a real estate purchase, and depending on your profile, you have the opportunity to obtain different types of home loan .

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“Classic” bank loan

This is the bank loan that everyone knows, the one that the bank offers when you want to buy real estate . The bank determines the rate and conditions ( guarantee , fees).

Zero interest loan

The zero interest loan is a regulated loan with 0% interest , reserved for first-time buyers who do not exceed a certain income ceiling and who buy (in principal residence) a new property, under construction or an old property to renovate. . In the latter case, the amount of work must be at least 25% of the total amount of the operation (property + works).

The amount of the zero rate loan varies according to the geographical area of ​​purchase and the number of inhabitants in the future property.

Social Accession Loan (PAS)

Reserved for low- income households (under income conditions, see table below), the loan NOT finances the purchase of a principal residence and allows purchasers to obtain a guarantee fee ( mortgage ) at a reduced cost. Purchasers are eligible for APLs under the PAS loan.

Housing Savings Loan (PEL)

This loan, linked to the Housing Savings Plan , is unlockable after 4 years of investment in the latter and finances the purchase of your principal residence. It allows you to get a mortgage at “advantageous” rate, accompanied by a premium of the state.

However, because of the current situation of low interest rates, this loan is of no use since the rates obtained are higher than the rates of conventional bank loans. This situation could change in the coming months.

Loan Action Housing (employer loan)

This loan is reserved for employees of private companies with more than 10 employees. You get financing up to 30% of the cost of the transaction at a preferred rate. In addition to the attractive rate, this loan can be considered by some banks as a contribution. A good point on the files without input!

Ready Pro BTP

This loan is reserved for employees in the construction sector, public works (BTP). It allows the purchaser to obtain up to 15000 € , without expenses of file and with an insurance at least cost . In addition to the attractive rate, this loan can be considered by some banks as a contribution. A good point on the files that just do not have!

“First-time buyer” loan

Some banks offer, for first-time buyers, promotional loans (between 0 and 1% generally) on an amount ranging from 5000 to 15000 €. Always good to take if you are eligible!

Loan “official”

In certain banks, public servants may benefit from special conditions (reduced-cost guarantee, reduced-cost insurance, preferential rate, etc.).

Relay loan

This loan is reserved as part of the purchase-resale transactions and allows the purchaser to benefit from an additional envelope related to the amount of the old property for sale, and refundable on the sale of the latter.


There are a multitude of devices.

Do not hesitate to consult our teams in your city to find out about the devices to which you are eligible and that will allow you to save on your real estate project.