The list of documents for a mortgage loan

 Loan application

Any real estate project is synonymous with papers, documents, administrative. You will not cut! Of course, we accompany you and make your job easier by taking charge of your file. You will simply need to provide a list of documents that your broker will provide you. This list varies according to your real estate project.

Documents for your mortgage

Here is the basic foundation for any loan application. This base is completed with additional documents below according to your project and your situation.

  • National identity card (double-sided photocopy) or passport of each borrower
  • Family booklet (with all children’s pages)
  • Marriage Contract, Certificate of Cohabitation if applicable, PACS
  • Proof of address (last invoice EDF or France TELECOM)
  • Last 3 payslips or last 2 balance sheets and annexes if Non-salaried worker or
    Last 2 declarations 2035
  • Last 2 tax notices
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months of all current accounts (Personal and professional)
  • Statements of your bank savings
  • Proof of your current consumption loans

Additional documents

  • (if existing) Property tax return (2044 and 2072 for the SCI)
  • (if existing) Summary of all other outstanding loans (excluding real estate) (with:
    rate, principal outstanding, amount of monthly payments, end date of loan)
  • (if existing) Summary of all properties with year of purchase, price
    of purchase (excluding notary fees), current estimated value and rents collected
  • (If existing) Statutes of SCI + Leases in case of rental income

Additional documents for an acquisition

  • Last receipt of rent (if you are tenants)
  • Last property tax (if you are a homeowner)
  • If current sale of real estate: 2 certificates of sale (mandate of sale or estimate of the property) (if you are owners)
  • Compromise of sale / Promise of sale
  • Quote works (if existing)

Additional documents for a construction

  • Sale agreement / Promise to sell land + construction
  • (if works) Descriptive and estimated specifications signed by the borrower of the works to be executed
  • Complete construction contract with annexes or mastery of work contract, building permit or receipt of the deposit of the application

Additional documents for the zero interest loan

  • Proof of non-ownership of 2 years: Leases + Last receipt of rent of each lease
  • Zero rate loan form

Additional documents for a loan redemption

  • Loan offers of real estate loans being redeemed
  • Depreciation tables dated from all real estate loans in progress